I didn't get around to making a nice tarball yet so you will have to fetch the filter and example configuration files straight from the CVS repository for the time being. Ofcourse there is also a web interface for accessing the repository.


You'll need to be able to filter messages with a filter reading from stdin and writing to stdout, e.g. procmail or Kmail. As far as I know, M$ Outlook only supports proprietary M$ filters but perhaps other mail applications for Windows are more competent.

In addition, you'll need Python (version 2.2 or later) because the Bunny is written in that language and uses some libraries.


To install it, extract the tarball. It contains the following files:

These are the actual filter (a python script), the lists containing legitimate and spam addresses, the text of the request for confirmation that will be sent, and an example configuration for procmail.

Finish with configuring your setup.

Bugs & TBD

I am running Debian GNU/Linux on my desktop machine and combine fetchmail to fetch my mail from various POP-3 accounts, procmail to filter and deliver mail, and the Exim mailserver to transfer mail. Hence, that is the platform I tested it on.

  • I still have to figure out how to have python create a dir/file if it does not yet exist.
  • Add addresses in outgoing mail to whitelist.
  • Add blacklist usage.

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